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In light if the tragedy of those on the east coast, shouldn't it motivate all us to think about our own preparedness in the event of an emergency.

I would ask you to take this seriously and think about how your family would cope if a storm hit and you lost power for 1 week, 2 weeks or even 3 weeks. Do you have enough food, water, first aid, gasoline, make it through.

Do you really want to rely on FEMA (the government) for the survival of your family? PLEASE DON'T EXPECT THEM TO BE THERE FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. History has proven with this emergency, Hurricane Katrina and others that waiting for the government to help is not a good plan.

This website has tons of really good, practical information.  You can sign up for email updates and they will send you baby step checklists to get you started.  I highly recommend it.


I am fortunate enough to have a LDS home storage center not too far from me, about 45 minutes.  If you are not familiar, the LDS church is big on self reliance.  They have these centers across the country for their members, but they allow others, folks like me, to utilize them as well.  You can purchase staples such as sugar, flour and oats, beans and “can” them in #10 cans.  You can also purchase dehydrated onions, carrots and refried beans at unbelievably low prices.  Much cheaper than some of the other Emergency Food companies out there. 

They are very friendly and helpful and their Home Storage Centers

Here is a link to there list of CENTERS

Here is a pdf of their price list

DISCLAIMER.  I am not mormon, nor am I advocating for the church.  Only taking advantage of their Home Storage Center for my families Self Reliance needs and sharing it with you all. 

FYI, many of the websites that you will find concerning self reliance / emergency preparedness are LDS member sites.  I believe the Food Storage Made Easy is also.

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