All Natural Meat



Idaho Pasture pigs for the Freezer

NO antibiotics, NO hormones.

They have had plenty of pasture to root up in, and fed plenty of veggies and trimmings.

They were also supplemented with hog grower.

(no antibiotics)

I will take your hog to Bellingar packing on July 27

By then the hogs will be closer to 220lbs and the price is as follows:

$3.25 per pound hanging weight. PAID TO ME plus Actual processing /smoking fee PAID TO Bellingar Processing.

Bellingar Packing offers all natural processing (no nitrates, nitrites or MSG)

you can check out their website at

$200 Deposit for Half Hog

$400 Deposit for Whole Hog required.

Balance due when processor gives us the hanging weight.

You choose how you want your meat cut, smoked and packaged.

Idaho Pasture Pigs