Homesteading Classes


Goat Cheese Making Class$30/person4-6 people

Chevre, Garlic Chive Chevre, Dill Chevre

Dessert: Chevre with honey and walnuts

Bread and Cheese Brunch   $30/person (minimum $150 up to 6 people)

      Grab a few girlfriends, or 3 couples for a homemade brunch your learn to make that is sure to please.

         Classes start promptly at 10:00am. 

        First you will learn how to make cultured chevre (goat cheese)  as it is draining, you will learn how to make a great

        tasting Olive Oil Focaccia Bread. 

        We will make:

            * Rosemary Garlic

            * Sun-Dried Tomato with Chicken and Goat Cheese

            * Three Cheese

            * Cinnamon Apple Focaccia for something sweet.


        While we let the Focaccia rest for about 20 minutes, we will flavor the Goat Cheese and make homemade SunDried

        Tomatoes with dehydrated tomatoes from my garden. 

        We will have a few minutes for a Q & A while the Focaccia is baking and then it’s time to eat what you made.

Goat Milk Soap Class$30/person4 people max

Cold milled process from start to finish

        Takes about 2 hours.  We will go through the process 2 complete time, so you are sure to get the hang of it.

Take a bar of your choice home with you

Canning Classes$15/per 4 people max$25-$40/Private Session*

Strawberry Jam(water bath)2-3 Batches$25June/July

Blueberry Jam        (water bath)2-3 Batches$25July/August

Raspberry Jam or Chipotle Sauce  “          2    Batches$30June-August

Green Beans (pressure canner)2 Batches                $40July

Pears (pressure canner)2 Batches       $40August

Salsa(water bath)2-3 Batches$35August

Applesauce(water bath)2-3 Batches$30Sept/October

*Private Session Classes:  You purchase all of the necessary supplies/ produce, and I will teach and help you can it.  You take home all your fresh home canned goods when we are done.

Cake Decorating Classes2 sessions/3 hours$50/person+supplies2-4 people

week 1: Basic decorating, frosting, borders, flowers, scrolls, lace

week 2: Working with Rolled Fondant.  Rolling & covering, flowers, ribbons and more.

Advanced Cake Decorating1 session/4 hours$40/person2-6 people

Fondant, chocolate modeling clay, stemmed flowers, brushed embroidery

email me for more details Jeanette