Homesteading Classes


Goat Milk Soap Making ClassMake and Take

$60/person or 2 friends /$100 4 people max per class

Cold milled process from start to finish

        Takes about 2 hours.  We will go through the process 2 complete times so you are sure to get the hang of it.

The first time through you watch as I make a batch, then the second time though you get to make your own 5lb                                                                                               batch that you get to take home with you.  You soap will need to cure for a minimum 3 weeks prior to use.

Goat Cheese Making Class$30/person4-6 people

Chevre, Garlic Chive Chevre, Dill Chevre

Dessert: Chevre with honey and walnuts

Canning Classes$15/per 4 people max$25-$40/Private Session*

Strawberry Jam(water bath)2-3 Batches$25June/July

Blueberry Jam        (water bath)2-3 Batches$25July/August

Raspberry Jam or Chipotle Sauce  “          2    Batches$30June-August

Green Beans (pressure canner)2 Batches                $40July

Pears (pressure canner)2 Batches       $40August

Salsa(water bath)2-3 Batches$35August

Applesauce(water bath)2-3 Batches$30Sept/October

*Private Session Classes:  You purchase all of the necessary supplies/ produce, and I will teach and help you can it. 

You take home all your fresh home canned goods when we are done.

Cake Decorating Classes2 sessions/3 hours$50/person+supplies2-4 people

week 1: Basic decorating, frosting, borders, flowers, scrolls, lace

week 2: Working with Rolled Fondant.  Rolling & covering, flowers, ribbons and more.

Advanced Cake Decorating1 session/4 hours$40/person2-6 people

Fondant, chocolate modeling clay, stemmed flowers, brushed embroidery

Check out my wedding cake page hereCakes.html

email me for more details Jeanette

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Bread Baking 101

Learn to Bake Bread like a pro in minutes

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