These are the little

goat coats

I made using old sweat pants

T-Shirt Quilts

These are T-shirt quilts I made for my niece and nephew.  It was really quite simple but definitely time consuming.  Having the right tools made the project much more enjoyable that it otherwise would have been.

I borrowed a friends loom to make this rag rug in a few hours

Is this not just adorable?

I did not make this but

would love to try. 

I always forget to look for jammies whenever I run into the Salvation Army

Why to goats need jammies?

Goats “kid” January thru April when it is still quite cold.

They adjust well to the cold weather but if it is REALLY cold, they need a little extra warmth for the first week or two.  I have goat sweaters that I have made from the leg of my son’s sweatpants

Hidden Shelf

I have a small kitchen and

lots of stuff in it. 

I made this shelf in the dead space between my fridge (on the left)

and laundry room (door to the right)

I have 4 inch moldings around all my door frames so my shelf in just under 4 inches deep which is perfect for canning jars and it doesn’t stick out past the door frame at all!