Goat Shares


Goat Share Lease Program

A goat share is partial ownership of a dairy goat.  Owning a portion of a dairy goat allows you to benefit from what that animal produces. In Michigan it is illegal to buy or sell goat milk, but you can drink milk from a goat that you own. By owning a share in a goat, you have a fresh supply of fresh, raw (unpasteurized) milk from your own goats milk to drink.

How does a goat share work?

You benefit from owning the goat by receiving a portion of the milk your goat produces. As with any animal, goats require care, i.e., feeding, general maintenance and milking.   We board your goat, feed and care for it, hand milk it, and prepare the milk for you to pickup from the farm. You pay us, the herdsman, for the boarding, care, feeding, and milking of your goat.

You are leasing a 1/4 portion of a goat, not buying goat milk.  You agree that you are aware of any and all risks that are associated with the use and consumption of raw milk.  You also agree that the milk you obtain from your goat share is for your use only and for no other purpose. 

How much milk can I expect from one goat share?

One share will provide approximately one gallon of milk for about thirty three weeks. The average lactation for our goats is around 8 months (March through November). However, a goat may milk for a shorter or longer period of time. We plan to milk our does for at least seven months. This is rough estimate which may vary.

Can I purchase multiple shares if I would like more milk?

Yes, you can purchase a second, third, or fourth share if available.

Share Fees

Full Goat Share $30.00/share    Half Goat Share $20.00     Quarter share $15.00

This is a one-time cost.

Boarding/Husbandry Fees

Full Share $35.00 per month. (1 gallon of milk per week)

Half Share $20.00 per month (1/2 gallon of milk per week)

Quarter Share $11.00 per month (1 quart of milk per week)

Since production fluctuates this amount may change slightly throughout the season. Remember, you are buying a share of ownership of a particular animal and the amount of milk that animal produces can vary.

Boarding fees must be paid on the first of each month in advance.

Regular Boarding Fees are Paid March through November.

A discounted Boarding Fee of $10/month is due for December, January and February

Call or Email for more details

Jeanette (734) 771-1609    5solasfarm@gmail.com