Dehydrating is an easy and economical way to preserve the harvest and cook your favorite meals

Sweet Corn

I am blessed with a nearby farmers market where I can purchase field fresh corn for pennies an ear.  Blanch, cool, cut and dehydrate.  I use for quick add ins for soups and stews

Other veggies that I like to dehydrate are Celery, Tomatoes, Peas, Green Beans

I also like to make homemade Crackers and Granola.  I will add some of my favorite recipes for you to try Soon!

Pick a Peck of Peppers

When you have more peppers in the garden then you know what to do with... dehydrating is the answer.  I use these for chili, soups and stews instead of purchasing expensive peppers in the winter months

Soup Mixes

As a busy homeschool mom, I like to utilize my crock pot as often as possible.  I like to make a variety of hearty soups, stews and chili.  Having these made up ahead of time saves time if we are rushing out the door to our Homeschool Co-op and know we will be gone all day.

I put all of the necessary ingredients (minus the meat) in the jar.  I use a snack zip loc for the spices and use dehydrated veggies too.

These are great to give as gifts, but I keep plenty on hand for our own use throughout the winter.

To make the soups, just add water and diced meat such as ham or beef.

For making the Chili, I soak the beans overnight, bring to a boil in the morning THEN add to the crock pot.

Our favorites are:

Bean Soup

Yellow Split Pea

Beef Barley


Did you know that you can grind your peppers in a coffee grinder for fresh paprika


Fruit Leather made with leftover grape pulp after straining the grape juice.

I added fresh kale and hemp protein powder to add a little extra nutrition