All Natural

Castile Soaps


No artificial colors are used in any of our soaps. 

We use only herbs and spices to add color in our soap.


Castile Soaps are primarily made with olive oil and contain no goat milk or any other animal products.  These soaps are therefore considered VEGAN

Varieties Include

  1. Jasmine Rose

  2. African Rain

  3. Green Tea & Aloe

  4. Cucumber Melon

  5. Clean Cotton

  6. Lavender Shea Butter

  7. Blueberry Cobbler

  8. Spearmint Eucalyptus

All Soaps

$4 each


3 for $10

You may choose any of the soap varieties for the 3 for $10 special.  Goat Milk Soaps, Castile Soaps and Some special purpose soaps that are listed to the right.

Shampoo Bars or Loofah Foot Scrub NOT included

Varieties Include

  1. Pure Goat Milk

  2. Goat Milk with Oatmeal

  3. Oatmeal & Honey Scented

  4. Honey Almond Scented

  5. Patchouli Scented

  6. Cherry Almond Scented

  7. Lavender Vanilla Scented

  8. Country Harvest Scented

  9. Jasmine Rose

  10. African Rain

  11. Green Tea & Aloe

  12. Cucumber Melon

  13. Clean Cotton

  14. Lavender Shea Butter

  15. Blueberry Cobbler

  16. Spearmint Eucalyptus

  17. Tea Tree & Lemon Acne Bar

  18. Citrus Basil Kitchen Bar

  19. Orange Oil Mechanics Bar

  20. Peppermint Athlete’s Bar