2013 Goats

Lily... my mini Saanen had  Thor

born 4/01/13

As you can see, Eclipse the adorable buckling was sired by my neighbors Boer Buck

quite by accident.  Not overly thrilled that he got into our pasture, but  Thor sure is cute

Thor Died on 4/07/2013

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Whonee’s (who needs a cow)Kids

born 3/26/13

Whonee had triplet bucklings    asking $50 for each

Oreo & Snickers


Reese’s Kids

born 2/25/13

Reese had triplets bucklings but the little died a couple of days later

asking $50 each

Whoonee, Sir Quinlan, Sir Rowan

Oreo ? I think, Sir Quinlan & Reese

Sir Dalton


yearling ready to freshen this month

asking $125

Nona’s Kids

born 4/5/2013

Nona had Twins

a little doeling “Mocha”

Buckling “Latte”

Lilah’s Kids

born 4/23/2013

Lilah had twin girls

Ruth and Naomi

Gracie’s Kids

born 4/16/2013

Gracie had Twins

A doeling and a buckling

unfortunately the doeling died just after she was born

Abe was so handsome, we decided to keep him